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June 15, 2004



Uh, yah, that's the ticket. :) Remember blogging takes away gaming time.


Yeah, but now... who's the one that'll be playing games on the laptop? ;)


Yeah, but now... who's the one that'll be playing games on the laptop? ;)

Michael Wolf

Steve, if I ever find out you're working outside on your deck during the summer, you're FIRED! :)

Steve Cherrier

LOL, Michael. I would never do something like that! Dang..gotta go...just spilled my mai tai on the hammock! BBL!

Chico Maurice

I wish you great success, good luck and a lot of fun for the future. Maybe one day you will really be the best of all.

Sita Marie

I just surfed in this interesting place. The competition is incredible but with a little luck and good connections you can get to the top. Good luck my friend.

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  • NCSoft: City of Heroes

    NCSoft: City of Heroes
    One of the best MMOs that I've played in a long time. I'm hooked, and my Supergroup plays on the Pinnacle server. Look for Captain Safety there!

  • : Rurouni Kenshin

    Rurouni Kenshin
    Working on the second boxed set now. It's my favorite anime so far.