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August 12, 2004



Congratulations to both you guys. I just got back from my honeymoon this week and we had a blast in San Francisco.


Sounds like you guys are having lots of fun :) Go catch some fish!


hmmmmmm, they have some pretty damn big salmon up here in Alaska; but I've yet to see one with arms. Did you get a pic of that?


now, go catch some fish dammit, we're all expecting invitations to a post honeymoon fish fry.



Hey Tammy :)

Yeah... fish fry sounds fun... more excuses for me to fly to Vancouver ;)


hmmmmm, more than a week and no word. Do you think a bear could have carried them off? Naw, I bet it was on of those armed fish. It just reached up and pulled them out of the boat and is holding them hostage at the bottom of a lake somewhere in British Columbia. I can't imagine what kind of horrible things they might be doing to them.



Chico Maurice

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